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Amazon matches Wal-Mart’s $49 pre-Black Friday price on Xbox One & PS4 games

Amazon aims to directly compete with Wal-Mart by matching their pre-Black Friday sale on select next-gen games, including both cross-platform and exclusive titles. Many gamers have already taken advantage of Wal-Mart's fantastic pre-Black Friday sale, which slashes prices on select next-gen games down to $49. This is a great way to

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Hideo Kojima teases ‘shocking announcement that will blow your mind’ during PS4 launch stream

Hideo Kojima, the creator of the celebrated Metal Gear Solid franchise, claims that Sony has something quite interesting in store during the PS4 launch stream. Sony apparently has a few aces up their sleeve to round off the PlayStation 4's official launch and throw another punch at their console rival. The Japanese

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