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Ready At Dawn Studios showcases The Order: 1886’s lighting and shading effects at SIGGRAPH 2013

At this year's SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference, Matt Pettineo and David Neubelt of Ready At Dawn Studios delivered a fascinating presentation within the Physically Based Shading in Theory and Practice course that showcased both the PS4's graphical capabilities and the impressive fidelity of their upcoming next-gen title The Order: 1886. The Order: 1886

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Samsung Galaxy Ring joins Virgin’s prepaid lineup: $180 price, Jelly Bean, quad-core CPU

Virgin Mobile USA, one of Sprint’s prepaid subsidiaries, may not have a reputation for selling the cream of the Android crop, but when it comes to budget-conscious devices, the network is almost unbeatable. The latest such phone to be up for grabs via Virgin is the Samsung Galaxy Ring. (more…)

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