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JBL Free Review: Apple Airpods on a budget?

We've got to thank the disappearing 3.5mm port for the increasing prevalence of Bluetooth technology. For truly wireless earphones, the Apple AirPods have stood out right from the get-go; th...


HP’s New Sprocket Plus Is a Pocket Printer the Size of a Smartphone

HP's line of portable photo printers has just received a refresh with the addition of the all-new Sprocket Plus. Like Polaroid's Zip and Fujifilm's Instax Share, HP's Sprocket is a pocketabl...


HP Amps Up Your Workspace With Printer-Speaker Combo

HP has announced the HP AMP 125, an ultra-compact thermal inkjet printer that vies to make the best of your limited desk space. Despite its svelte form, the HP AMP125 keeps up with your stea...


Apple Admits MacBook Keyboard Fault, Offers Free Repairs

With pressure mounting from all sides, Apple has been forced to admit and resolve issues pertaining to its controversial ultra-thin butterfly mechanism keyboards found on its line of MacBook


MyRepublic Invades Singaporean Telco Market With Unbeatable Plans

We all know that feeling - receiving your monthly bill from your telco provider only to find out that you've surpassed your data limit. It is never cheap, with penalties at times costing alm...