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Google partnering with Asus for second-gen Nexus 10? Rumors say yes

So the Nexus 5 is to be co-manufactured by Motorola (or shall we say manufactured by Google alone?), the next-gen N7… is a long way down the road and the follow-up to the first ever Nexus 10 will be built by Asus. (more…)

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Amazon and MediaTek strike partnership, next-gen entry-level Kindle Fire to pack MT8135 chip?

Remember that report starring Amazon’s next line of Kindle Fire tablets which claimed at least two of these were to be powered by Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip? Though unconfirmed, it had a distinct whiff of credibility and to this day it’s yet to be debunked. (more…)

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LG Optimus F6 unveiled, coming soon to T-Mobile with Jelly Bean, LTE and massive battery

While the G2 was undoubtedly the biggest star of yesterday’s LG New York event, being also probably the coolest Android phone around, a more modest mid-ranger was also (quietly) introduced as part of the press conference that wrapped up less than 24 hours ago. (more…)

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