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Samsung tab with Intel Bay Trail inside is in the works, to run both Win 8 and Android?

Showcased at Computex in June for the first time, Intel’s record-breaking new Bay Trail chips are reportedly to get a second unveiling next month and should find their way inside commercial products by November. (more…)

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Nokia Lumia 825 coming soon with 5.2-inch screen and quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU?

Bigger is better. It’s a creed that most Android smartphone manufacturers have taken for granted for a while now, but that companies like Nokia didn’t seem to be very fond of. Well, that's all about to change, since the Finns have recently unveiled the 4.7-inch Lumia 625 and are reportedly

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Rumor: LG G Pad coming to IFA with 8.3-inch WUXGA screen, Jelly Bean and 2 GB RAM

After the colossal flop of the Optimus Pad back in 2011, LG made the radical decision to indefinitely pull the plug on Android tablets. Still, it always seemed like a matter of time until the Koreans were to make a comeback, with rumors of a new slate gaining traction the

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