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Discovering the Destiny of Bungie

A new gameplay trailer for Bungie's newest IP Destiny was featured during Sony's E3 Press Conference, and Activision also took the opportunity to deliver live action demos of the game in private demonstration booths. Below you can find a personal first-hand account of the footage and how it helps shape Bungie's

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Redbox talks about used games on next-gen consoles

Redbox is known for their range of media rental services and their kiosks are found in malls next to idly standing indecisive people. Redbox is concerned with the ambiguous used games policies on the next generation of consoles and how it will affect their business, but instead of just whinging

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PlayStation 4 already has 48 announced titles, many being third-party titles

With Sony's PlayStation 4 reveal set for tomorrow, Reddit user IceBreak laboriously tracked down and made a list of all PS4 destined titles. Read on to find out. Tomorrow's the big day when Sony will be unveiling their next-generation PlayStation 4 in their E3 2013 conference tomorrow. With specifications already out

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