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Facebook to block all sexual assault ‘humor’

Facebook recently announced that after receiving numerous complaints from advertisers and women's rights advocates, they will be changing their policy on any form of 'humor' that contains violence against women.  FB also says that many women’s advocacy groups will be given direct contact with Facebook staff to alert them about offensive

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UK Retailers already gaining pre-orders for Xbox One

MCVUK is reporting that, in the past week, the Xbox One has already been getting large pre-orders from British consumers in major retail chains. One retail source claims their pre-orders for Microsoft's next console are tracking ahead of Sony's in many UK retailers. Reportedly, one retailer told MCV that the day

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Lenovo intros curvacious S820 smartphone with quad-core power and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Before putting its US charge plans into effect, Lenovo seems very keen to capture a massive piece of the Chinese smartphone pie with the help of all-round powerhouses like the K900, but also more modest devices targeted to certain niches, such as the newly unveiled S820. On the inside, there’s nothing

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