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London’s own EToo to run concurrently with E3

For all the UK's wonderful gamers, you no longer need to feel left out from E3; The Loading Bar has got you covered for EToo. While most American journalists and game developers will be living it up in sunny California next week during E3, the usually dreary UK may not be so

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nsquared helps create Kinect powered hotel kiosk

Nsquared is a budding company which develops various applications based on Microsoft's Kinect. One rather interesting, but also practical, implementation of Kinect is as a hotel kiosk. Who'd have thought of Kinect powered hotel kiosks? Well, Australia-based nsquared came up with an interesting product where frequent travelers can access all their required information (schedules,

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Facebook to block all sexual assault ‘humor’

Facebook recently announced that after receiving numerous complaints from advertisers and women's rights advocates, they will be changing their policy on any form of 'humor' that contains violence against women.  FB also says that many women’s advocacy groups will be given direct contact with Facebook staff to alert them about offensive

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