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Technically Speaking: Tech Companies, Stop Plastering “AI” on Every Single Gadget

Almost every single product launch I've attended in the past year was inundated with this one word - actually much less a word than two vowels that symbolise the cutting edge of all technolo...


All We Know About the Huawei Mate 20 Series: Kirin 980, Large Battery, Tiny Notch

Photography was what put Huawei up amongst the top global smartphone manufacturers. While previous iterations of its smartphones had good performance and great cameras, the Mate 10 was the f...


Animal Crossing 2019: All the New Features We Demand

Can you believe it? It's already been 6 years since the last Animal Crossing main game release! After the ultimate teaser and final reveal of Animal Crossing 2019 at Nintendo Direct, we're h...


Razer Phone 2 Is Coming: Here’s Our List of Demands

The Razer Phone launched to great aplomb when it was unveiled in 2017. Effectively creating a new class of smartphones, the Razer Phone combined top-edge specifications with purpose-built fe...

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Apple iPhone Xs Max VS Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Heavyweight Flagship Showdown

Full disclaimer: I've had the Samsung Note 9 for slightly more than a month now, but haven't had the chance to go hands-on with the newly-launched Apple iPhone Xs Max. Most publications have