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P.A. Semi 2GHz Dual-Core CPU @ 25W Max TDP

P.A. Semi is now sampling its dual-core PA6T-1682M PWRficient processor based on the Power Architecture™ technology. The PWRficient processor is engineered to deliver unprecedented performance per watt, consuming just 5-13W of power (typical) at 2 GHz, making it 300-400 percent more power efficient than competing processors. Device samples of the 1682M and PWRficient Evaluation

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Gigabyte GV-RX195P256D-RH

GIGABYTE GV-RX195P256D-RH, the world's first 80nm graphic card featuring the ATI Radeon® X1950 Pro with 36 pixel shader processors and the all new Compositing CrossFire™ Engine. Combining ultra-stable performance, blistering 3D graphic rendering, and longer component lifespan with the usage of ultra-low ESR solid capacitors, the GV-RX195P256D-RH comes equipped with the Zalman VF700 aluminum copper

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