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Cisco’s New Generation of Flip Video Camcorders Makes Creating and Sharing HD Video Fun and Easy

Cisco's Flip Video™, the number one pocket camcorder in USA, today announced three new devices from its line of affordable MinoHD™ and UltraHD™ camcorders. The new generation Flip MinoHD (1 Hour and 2 Hours); and Flip UltraHD (2 Hours), all feature user-friendly simplicity, enhanced High-Definition (HD) video quality, hardware-based image

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Mashup With Facebook On MySpace

If you are a member of MySpace, you can now carry over your likes and interests from Facebook to the formerly world's biggest social network. MySpace now features a Facebook integration, called Mashup with Facebook, which allows users to show on their MySpace page their likes and interests from their Facebook profile, as well as stream MySpace content based on

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