Clash of the Tech Titans: Elon Musk Joins #deletefacebook, Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Plummets

After the shocking news of the massive leak of personal data by Facebook, Whatsapp co-founder Brian Acton's #deletefacebook twitter campaign has since reached critical mass. Initiated as an


Uber Self-Driving Fatality Isn’t Just About Driverless Cars

Uber's luck appears to have run out again. On the night of 18th March, a fatal pedestrian crash occurred, involving a fully-autonomous Uber SUV in Phoenix, Arizona. This marks the first fata...


Facebook Takes Huge Hit With Cambridge Analytica Data Mining Scandal

It has not been a good year for Facebook. With allegations of 'fake news' sites being overwhelmingly shared on the platform in the time leading up to the 2016 elections, Facebook had taken t...


ASUS Announces Lyra Trio Wi-Fi System, Singapore IT Show Offers

ASUS has announced the Lyra Trio, a three-hub mesh Wi-Fi system that promises ultrafast connectivity throughout your home or office, with comprehensive, constantly updated security parameter...

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Google Home Max – the best smart speaker?

Google’s Home Max is the latest addition to their line of smart speakers. This new smart speaker system comes with a steep price tag of about SGD525. This puts it in direct competition up ag...