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Oppo’s Find X Is Yet Another Bezelless Masterpiece

Just a week after the Vivo Nex was announced, Oppo's Find X has been announced. As yet another fully bezel-less smartphone, they both take after the vision first set out in Vivo's Apex conce...


Gwen’s Guides: 2 Apps to Make Your Pictures More Instaglammable

So your Instagram posts are frankly boring and dull. You want to upload regularly, and multiple times a day but you don't know what to post so you end up with some half-baked selfies. Not to...

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JBL Link 10 Review: Google Home on The Go

The smallest in JBL’s latest line of Link smart speakers, the JBL Link 10 is a portable speaker that lets you take the convenience of Google Home along when you are away from home. Ju...

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CES Asia 2018 Showcases the Bleeding Edge in Mobility Tech and More

Held in Shanghai over the course of three days, CES Asia 2018 brings the world’s hottest consumer electronics show to Asia. In its fourth instalment in the Chinese city, CES Asia refined and


KnewKey Rymek Review: The Ultimate Mechanical #Throwback Keyboard

It sounds dramatic, but I write for a living. Spending hours staring at a screen while pawing away at an unforgiving slab of plastic can induce significant fatigue on my fingertips. I've bee...