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Zynga acquires OMGPOP, developer of Draw Something, for US$200 million

Draw Something

Are you playing Draw Something on your mobile device? Well, for those who do not know, or have yet to be asked by their friends if they are playing, Draw Something is a social drawing and guessing game application which is growing in popularity. Developed by OMGPOP, the app has been downloaded more than 35 million times, and it is no wonder social network game development company, Zynga, has plans to acquire the company. 

According to online reports, Zynga has acquired OMGPOP, and while the exact price has not been revealed, it was said to be at around US$200 million. OMGPOP is a New York-based game company that has developed many free online multiplayer games such as 9Ball Pool, Balloono Classic, Hamster Battle, and Tracism. But it was only six weeks ago, that Draw Something was launched which catapulted its fame on the world wide web.

Draw Something is an Apple iOS and Android game whereby a player choose a word from three difficulties – easy, medium and hard – and draws it out. Another player, either random or friends of the player, will have to guess the word using the twelve given alphabets that are given. Note that the word can be three letter or more, and some of the available alphabets are meant to throw you off. Guessing the word correctly will earn both players coins, the game currency which can be used to purchase more colors or bombs that will remove the unwanted excess alphabets during your guess.

Zynga has been known for developing similar copycat-like products and the company can produce a game similar to Draw Something and make it bigger and better. Some analysts believed that OMGPOP could worth as much as US$1 billion. Sounds similar to the story of Roy Raymond, founder of "Victoria's Secrets" in the late 70's and later sold for US$4 million; Victoria's Secrets is worth over US$5 billion as of FY 2009. But hey, technology companies could be different, and US$200 million is a large sum of money anyway.

Source: 1UP

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