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ZTE to develop smartphone featuring Intel’s Atom Z2580 Clover Trail+

ZTE has announced that it will be partnering with Intel to develop smartphones that feature the Atom Z2580 processor, known as “Clover Trail+”.

Last year, ZTE launched the Grand X IN smartphone, and, although the device featured a much more modest Z2460 Medfield, was reportedly to be well received in its limited markets.  Moving forward, ZTE says that it will work with Intel to develop “unique smartphones” using the more powerful—purportedly, also more energy efficient—Atom Z2580. 

The Clover Trail+, which was introduced at Mobile World Congress, is a dual core that is capable of a max clock of 2GHz, full HD support, and a PowerVR setup that, according to Intel, will provide 3 times the 3D performance of the Medfield.

ZTE’s Grand X IN was considered a mid-range Android device, but Intel and ZTE are aiming higher with their upcoming Clover Trail+ handset.  Since Intel is reporting that its Clover Trail+ is much more powerful while consuming less power, it means that whatever ZTE and Intel are cooking up is probably going to be a high end device targeting enthusiasts and premium smartphone users.

Intel powered smartphones in the U.S. isn’t particularly a craze, but, according to ZTE, markets like parts of Europe, France and Austria seem to be welcoming the ZTE-Intel handsets with open arms.  Both ZTE and Intel are targeting emerging markets with their mobile products, so Clover Trail+ devices from ZTE probably won’t be making a huge splash in markets like the U.S.


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