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Zotac GeForce GTX 680 2GB meets Subzero Ivy Bridge 3770K


Aquamark 3 is an old benchmark that's very heavily CPU limited. It scales with every Mhz of CPU you can give it.

3DMark 2001 SE remains one of the most popular benchmarks of all time despite it being over a decade old. It scales with CPU clocks as expected but there's much more to 01 than that. It is by far the most tweakable 3D benchmark. Many of the top overclockers in the world name 3DMark 2001 as their all time favorite benchmark.

We've only applied a few basic tweaks here. Applying LOD, messing about with run orders and CPU/GPU clocks for each individual test will generate better results, but be warned, it will also deprive you of sleep once you get into it!


3DMark 03 is the only example of the tested benchmarks that responds fairly well to increases in GPU clocks. The limited overclocking capabilities of our sample prevent achieving a good score. Overall it is the weakest of the old school benchmarks for the GTX 680. It remains to be seen whether the driver will improve or there is an architectural limitation. Understandably, an old benchmark like this on XP is not a priority for the Nvidia driver team. A Radeon 78×0 card will be able to acheive this sort of score.


3DMark 05 is a personal favorite. It loves CPU clocks above all else by far, but also reponds to bandwidth improvements and GPU clocks in the canyon flight test.  It doesn't require the heavy CPU tests of the later 3D Marks to generate a score.


3DMark 06 is one that everyone reading this has probably run at some stage. It is a little less CPU limited than 05 and will scale a little with GPU clocks, especially with a high clocked CPU powering it.

The 44-45k region was the domain of very good LN2 cooled 980/990X CPU's not too long ago. Now the Ivy Bridge generation (and cherry Sandy's) can get there with its quad cores and an air cooled GPU. Take note of the CPU score. 12297 from a quad core? Thats because Nvidia GPU's generally get a very nice boost in CPU score when run on XP 😉


Why no 3DMark Vantage and 11? They are GPU limited benchmarks and run best with hex core processors. A Sandy Bridge-E CPU has zero chance of running on a cascade due to cold bugs. Some samples even cold bug at higher than 0c! Even if we ran a 5.5Ghz+ 3960X, the relatively low GPU clocks here would not score particularly well.

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