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ZiiLABS Announces Zii Plaszma Open Standards Development Platform

Plaszma OS
The Plaszma OS is a robust, fully featured multi-tasking Operating System built upon a Linux 2.6 kernel that enables the creation of native and webbased applications that are significantly enhanced by the 3D, advanced media and communication capabilities of the ZMS processor and Zii Plaszma Platform

The Plaszma OS supports a rich set of industry standard APIs that have been optimized by ZiiLABS, with a wide range of multimedia CODECs, powerful video, image and audio playback and recording capabilities and advanced audio processing including a text-to-speech engine. The Plaszma OS also supports a desktop grade Opera® 9.7 browser with Web 2.0 capabilities, 2D graphics, and OpenGL ES 3D graphics, plus a powerful intuitive gesturebased user interface.

Plaszma SDK
The Plaszma SDK is a software development kit that provides all the developer tools, libraries, documentation and sample CODECs needed to create the next generation of media-rich networked applications.

Plaszma SDK Features and Specifications
– Native C/C++ Development
– Wide range of supported video, image and audio formats
– Cell Framework of industry standard API’s and Libraries
– Advanced 2D and vector graphics, compositing and blending
– OpenGL ES 3D graphics
– HD media playback and record framework
– State-of-the-art multi-touch, gesture-based user interface
– Opera 9.7 Web Browser supporting CSS, XHTML, JavaScript and Ajax
– Adobe® Flash Lite™ 3.1 (available later)
– Internationalization and localization of applications
– Integrated Database
– Network Services and Event management
– Sensor handling (accelerometer, GPS, ambient light)

A range of market-ready applications such as a music and video player, photo browser, and web browser will be included with the handheld Zii EGG StemCell Computer. Future upgrades to the application suite that will take advantage of the built-in hardware will be made available.

Zii Optimized Android
Zii Optimized Android gives developers the chance to use the familiar Android OS, but with a difference. Harnessing StemCell Computing Technology found on the ZMS-05 Media Rich Processor, Android is now super-charged with seamless 3D graphics and High Definition video playback performance.

Pricing and Availability
A Plaszma SDK Starter Kit is available for immediate purchase at US$399 on http://www.zii.com/. This Starter Kit comes bundled with Plaszma OS, Plaszma SDK and the Zii Optimized Android OS.

As an introductory offer, ZiiLABS is offering a 32GB Zii EGG for FREE with the purchase of the Plaszma SDK Starter Kit, limited to one per customer while stock last.

For customers who want to run the Android OS, an after-sales installer upgrade will be made available soon allowing them to change their operating system selection.

Value-Added-Resellers Bulk Purchase Price
Bulk purchase price of Zii EGG (0 GB) starts from as low as US$199 in volume quantities.

By offering VARs, developers and companies the lowest possible price of US$199 for Zii EGG (0 GB), ZiiLABS provides developers the freedom to create complete hardware and software solutions specific to their customers’ requirements as they can use external SD storage. Alternatively, developers can custom order different internal storage capacities of up to 32GB.

For product information, please visit http://www.zii.com/
For more technical information, please visit http://www.ziilabs.com/

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