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Zalman Set to Launch CNPS14X by Late-July

Although shown to the world at this year's Computex event, and reviewed by a select few sources, Zalman's new CNPS14X dual-stack CPU cooler will be generally available only towards the end of July. 

According to sources among a leading distributor in Japan, Zalman CNPS14X CPU cooler will be generally available towards the end of July, 2012. In Japan, it will hit retail stores by the 25th, priced at 5,480 JPY after taxes (S $87.6). 

Pictured above, the Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) 14X is Zalman's newest high-end CPU air cooler. Measuring 140 x 126 x 159.3 mm (W x D x H), and weighing 875 g, it classifies under the "large" category of CPU coolers.

At the heart of its design is a pair of aluminum fin stacks, to which heat is conveyed by six 6 mm-thick copper heat pipes, which pass through a polished copper CPU base. The heat pipes make indirect contact with the CPU over a slab of copper. 

A custom-design 140 mm fan is nestled between the two aluminum fin stacks, which pulls air from one stack, and pushes it through the other. The fan can be augmented by two 140 mm fans strapped on to either sides of the heatsink. According to Zalman, a total of 7 arrangements of the fans are possible. The central fan spins at speeds of 950-1,350 ±10% RPM, with noise levels of 17-21 dBA. 

The Zalman CNPS14X supports nearly every CPU socket type available in the market today, including Intel LGA2011, LGA1155/1156, LGA1366, LGA775; AMD FM1, and AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2. 

Source: Hermitage Akihabara


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