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Zalman Reserator 2 Review

The Graphics Card Waterblock Package

The GPU waterblock spots a very smooth base

The GPU Waterblock is actually full aluminum and fits the old
NVIDIA and ATi graphics cards (such as Geforce Ti4800 and Radeon 9800 Pro)
mounting dimensions, as well as the newer cards (Geforce 6, 7 series and Radeon
X18/19 series). As with the CPU waterblock it took me just a very short while to
read through the manual and undertsand the installation of this waterblock onto
my PowerColor ATi X1900GT. It was a little bit tougher with smaller nuts and
bolts and removing the original cooler on the car took some time too. Time
started 0925hrs. Time finished installation: 0947hrs.
Wow! Why did it take so
much longer than the CPU waterblock installation?

All thanks to the transparent small little washers. Or the
lack of one… Well not only were they small, they were transparent as well, and
I dropped one on the floor and had a hell of a time trying to find it. To add to
this, Zalman did not provide any spares, so you kind of get stuck if you lose
just one of them. It would be really helpful if Zalman would just pack in a few
spares, especially with little parts such as these that gets lost easily. Moving
on from here, it was time to install the hardware in my test Case. I used a
Tsunami LEO 46 normal ATX Case:

All in… Time check: 1012hrs. It took 54 minutes
to get to this stage. Here is the full System configuration:

Platform Test Setup


Zalman Reserator 2 Default Air-Cooling


Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz


Gigabyte GA965P DS3


2 x 1GB Corsair 8500C5 DDR2 Memory

Graphics Card

PowerColor ATi X1900GT 256MB

Power Supply

Silverstone Zeus ST75ZF


ASUS 16x DVD Rom

Hard Disk

Seagate 80GB Barracuda SATA


Tsunami LEO 46 ATX Case (Side panel Closed)


XP Professional SP2

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