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Zalman Reserator 2 Review

The CPU waterblock kit

The User manual attached with the package is very clear with
the pictorial guides again so it was easy to understand the mounting procedures.
Supporting Sockets Intel 478 and LGA and AMD Sockets 939 and 940, it is a shame
they couldn’t fit in the new AM2 socket mounting in time for this.

The CPU waterblock with plexi top

This is a rather popular design these days, pin fin for the
surface area and no direct channel flow. A tested and proven design that works
pretty well. Below you see the thickness of the plexi top cover and the metal

The mirror smooth finish of the copper base

The finishing on the CPU block was superb, very very smooth
and mirror polish as well. There wasn’t a sticker stuck on it like how some
waterblock makers ship theirs but the base maintained it’s smoothness.

So there I was with this new toy. After a nice breakfast, I
got started setting up the Reserator 2 part by part. Time: 0918 hrs

I decided to go with a platform I was testing at the time.

I put the waterblock on an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz,
housed on the Gigabyte 965P DS3 Motherboard.

A nice plastic mount plate behind the board prevents warping
of the board and the open rear is helpful in prevention of heat getting trapped
on the back of the socket, something some mounting plates choose to ignore.

A front bracket is secured onto the back plate. One thing to
note is the low height of the bracket which brings it into very close proximity
with the inductors and capacitors surrounding CPU socket, particularly for the
LGA sockets. I suppose there is a specification motherboard makers have to
follow but this leave little margin of deviance from the standard, which may
result in rare cases where the bracket may be too low and gets in the way of
taller capacitors.

The waterblock mounted nice and proper. The block can be
mounted in 4 different directions as users choose so that the barbs orientation
may be chosen for better and tidier tubing management. That was rather easy… I took less than one minute to look through the manual and understand it.
Time Check: 0924hrs
. It took me just 6 minutes to setup the block for the
CPU. Walk in the park!

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