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You Rock Guitar lands in Singapore

You Rock Guitar

The You Rock Guitar claims to be the most versatile rock guitar on the planet designed for beginners, casual players and even recording musicians. Good news is, it is now available in Singapore.

You Rock Guitar finally makes its way to Singapore. Conceived and manufactured by U.S-based Inspired Instruments, You Rock Guitar claims to be the world’s first all digital guitar and a great learning tool for beginners, casual players looking to improve, or recording musicians.It also offers:

– Bridge the gap between gaming and learning
– Provide a seamless digital playing experience being designed as a MIDI/USB guitar
– Double up as a game controller for the world's biggest selling music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero

Guitar Mode: Precision Musical Instrument
Players can play solo, or plug-in an iPod or other MP3 player, and jam to their favourite songs and start playing real rock music, solos, and chords. Mistakes are impossible with the guitar's You Rock Mode – only the frets that work with chord progressions will sound. It is a portable song writing tool too: The You Rock guitar runs on USB or batteries, comes with a removable neck, and onboard MIDI recorder captures your song anywhere, anytime.

Other features include:-

– It comes with a whammy bar for up and down pitch-bending
– Full-scale neck that enables notes without latency.
– 99 preset guitar and synth sounds so players get 50 alternate and drop tuning presets along with 14 digital capos.
– Plugs directly into the USB port on Macs and PCs for use with music making programmes such as GarageBand, Reason, Logic, and Cubase.
– You Rock Mode – learn on a guitar that doesn’t hurt your fingers and that is always in tune

Game Mode: Rock Band  and Guitar Hero  video controller
The You Rock Guitar is compatible with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Its steel strings and full-size neck mean gamers finally get the performance and feeling of a real guitar. Two sets of colour-coded frets on the neck replicate the buttons on a standard gaming guitar, and the GameFlex cartridges work seamlessly with the leading gaming platforms (PS3, Wii and coming soon to Xbox 360).

Pricing and Availability
You Rock Guitar is distributed exclusively by Ebenex and available both online (www.ebenex.com) and at Ebenex located at Bras Basah #04-49 from April 2011 onwards. The recommended retail price is S$295 (including GST).

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