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Yahoo snatches up Xobni for around $30 million

If Yahoo’s bank account were to be monitored, we’re positive that fraud protection is a must considering all the money that’s been bleeding out of the company’s pocket.  The latest charge on the account is a $30 million bill for the acquisition of Xobni, which comes only days after another $50 million check was signed to buy Qwiki.

Xobni (inboX spelled backwards) is an inbox aggregating app that lets people consolidate all their contacts—be it through text, emails or phone calls—into a more organized fashioned.  The startup also offers larger scale solutions for small businesses and enterprise via a subscription model, wherein, Xobni takes care most of the grunt work and no IT knowledge is required from the clienteles.

All Things D estimates that the deal to acquire Xobni was worth around $30 to $40 million, which is a hefty sum for any tech startup.  The merge between Xobni and Yahoo will move the startup’s operation to Yahoo’s facility in the Silicon Valley area.

As for changes to Xobni current user services, the company states that there will be no immediate impact on Xobni’s current offerings.  However, prospective clients will no longer able to purchase premium services.  A full FAQ on the changes and how they will affect Xobni services have been provided.

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