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Yahoo search engine now powered by Microsoft Bing

Remember the agreement signed between Microsoft and Yahoo! a long time back (a whole year, to be precise)? It seems that some of the terms and conditions of that agreement has already been implemented: starting today, Yahoo! USA and Canada will have its search engine powered by Microsoft’s Bing.

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Do you use Yahoo! as your default search engine for your daily internet surfing needs? If so, you might have noticed a small change in Yahoo!’s search services. That is because, effective today, Yahoo! will begin the transition of dropping its own in-house search engine in favour of Microsoft’s Bing.

However, the change has yet to be rolled out to all of Yahoo!’s servers. Apparently, it seems that only Yahoo!’s USA and Canadian services have made the jump to using Bing as its new search engine. This is further proven by firing up Yahoo! Search on our own localized servers, which conveniently lacks the ‘Powered by Bing’ footnote at the bottom of the search results:
Yahoo! USA search:

Yahoo! Singapore search:
Sashi Seth, Senior Vice President for Yahoo! Search, confirmed the transition in the official Yahoo! blog. 
“Yahoo! Web, Image, and Video search experiences on both desktop and mobile devices are now powered by the Microsoft platform in the US and Canada (English), with more markets to come,” he wrote, stating that Yahoo! is now working on how to add value for both the end-user and advertisers.
However, it does beg the question: if Yahoo!’s search engine is going to be powered by Bing, what incentive will a user have to use Yahoo!’s services over that of Microsoft’s Bing? We will leave that up to the users to decide.
Source: Yahoo! Blog

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