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Yahoo and Gree to develop social games for smartphones

Yahoo! forms a partnership with Japanese social networking company Gree to develop and release new social games for smartphones.

Yahoo!, or more specifically Yahoo! Japan, had just announced on February 18, 2013 that they will move a step further in their partnership with Gree to create a new company that would develop games for the mobile market. Development of social games for smartphones would be the focus of this joint venture, and the total investment for the venture is 200 million yen (2 million USD), with 51% of the shares owned by Gree and 49% by Yahoo.

This business move made by Yahoo! is a step that was reportedly made to further build firm support in their place not only in the social gaming realm, but in the internet in general. Social games that would be developed and released under this partnership will be distributed via Yahoo!'s mobile website, specifically right at its home page, where users will be redirected towards Gree's social game page.

Gree is a Japanese social networking company. Some may be familiar with this company as the developer of various battle card games that are internationally available for Android and iOS devices. Their cooperation with Yahoo! started in November 2012. It is expected that Yahoo!'s decision to deepen of their partnership with this company would not only result in the exchange of valuable experiences in the industry, but would also bring fresh ideas and concepts to their primary objective of social game development.

Source: Androwire (JP)

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