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Xigmatek Aegir CPU Cooler

Even though the design of the Aegir resembles that of most tower coolers, this cooler has many distinct differences. It is a large and tall cooler, designed to hold one or two 120mm cooling fans (only one is supplied with the cooler). The 48 aluminum fins provide an ample heat dissipation surface and their shape decreases air flow resistance, increasing performance and reducing noise.

The base of the cooler looks small but there are no less than 6 heatpipes moving through it. Four of the heatpipes are 6mm thick and come in direct contact with the cooler, while the other two slightly thicker heatpipes are 8mm each and are forming a second layer over the other four. The aluminum part of this base serves as nothing more than a support, necessary for the mechanical cohesion and the mounting of the cooler.

Xigmatek supplies one 120mm black frame fan with semi-transparent black blades and white LED lighting. The PWM controlled fan has an operational range of 1000 to 2200RPM and a maximum output of 89.5CFM.

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