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Xiaomi ‘Red Rice’ not so red after all

Following a new leak, it seems that the Xiaomi 'Red Rice' is not limited to just red.

Hot on the heels of a recent "leak" from Xiaomi confirming the existence of the Xiaomi 'Red Rice', a new report has shown that "Red" wasn't to be taken too literally — a photo of a blue-colored version of the Xiaomi 'Red Rice' shows that the color red wasn't the only color available for Xiaomi's next budget phone. In addition, a blogger by the alias of "PunkPanda" has revealed that 'Red Rice' is possibly just a codename, and not the phone's actual name.

Rounding up recent information about the Xiaomi 'Red Rice', it appears that the 'Red Rice' will appear in 2 variants, with the less powerful variant getting launched first. Both variants will sport a HD (720p) 4.7-inch(312ppi) screen, 1GB RAM, MIUI V5 (Xiaomi's Android variant), 8MP rear camera with 2MP front camera and a tiny 8GB storage (Hopefully a microSD slot will be included, but there has been no information on this possibility so far.). The earlier released version will sport a less powerful dual-core 1.2GHz Innopower LC1810 ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, and the later released version will sport a quad-core Mediatek MTK6589 (clock speed not confirmed).

The Xiaomi Pricing is rumored to be at a relatively low 799RMB(S$363), though stocks may be limited with the initial production to be limited to only 300,000 units.

Source: cnBeta

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