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Xiaomi Mi3 gets pictured in yellow, could it come with an 8-core CPU inside?

We always knew one or more of China’s big smartphone players were going to step up their game and become a real menace for Samsung and HTC before long. But probably not many would have counted on it being Xiaomi.


Founded a mere three years ago and employing roughly 3,500 people, Xiaomi still doesn’t have the financial strength and resources to go head to head against a giant like Samsung as far as global marketing is concerned. Or in terms of mass producing enough devices to handle the growing demand for its products.

The designs, hardware and software are an entirely different story though. After coming out with the snazzy-looking and incredibly cheap Red Rice phone (aka Hongmi), Xiaomi are tipped to be prepping a high-end handheld called Mi3.

A few days ago, the company’s CEO essentially confirmed this fellow will become official on September 5. Soon after, a number of photos claiming to feature the Mi3 leaked to the press and earlier today another pic emerged from a Chinese blog.

Even more importantly, we have sources in Taiwan telling us Xiaomi is looking into 8-core smartphones and this Mi3 might be the road-opener. What’s unclear is if the octa-core CPU powering the device will come from Xiaomi’s own laboratories.


I personally don’t think that’s a possibility, in which case the prime suspect for supplying Xiaomi with the needed 8-core processors becomes Samsung. As you probably know already, a small number of Galaxy S4 models run on an Exynos 5410 (otherwise known as Exynos 5 Octa platform), whereas rumor has it the Galaxy Note 3 will come to light powered by a brand spanking new 8-core SoC, this time allowing all the cores to function all at once.

Getting back to the leaked Xiaomi Mi3 photos for a second, I have to say I’m more than pleasantly surprised with these, as they basically show off a Nokia Lumia 920 lookalike. You know, minus the crappy software and with a very slender figure.

So is this fella physically attractive enough to make a splash? I’d say that’s the understatement of the century.

Sources: GSM Insider and Ubergizmo

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