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XFX GeForce 7800GT Special Edition Preview

Here are some photos we took on XFX GeForce 7800GT Special Edition:

This XFX card is one of the first
card to come without the plain green PCB. Together with a sleek
black and multicolored XFX logo on the heatsink, this card sure looks good!

A closer look at the cooler on this card. Although it spots
a similar design as compared to the default reference cooler, the fan on this card
comes in a neon green color. Since it is neon green, it is actually UV reactive as

One of the key differences between this and the reference design is
the heatsink. While the reference card comes with aluminum heatsink, the
heatsink from the XFX card is a copper one. This will ensure a lower operating
temperature as copper is better in dissipating heat.

This is how the back of the card looks like. Unlike the
reference cards, this card comes in a blue PCB. The design of the PCB is still
largely based on the reference design though.

XFX 7800GT comes with a solid aluminum support bar that
would strengthen the card and prevent it from warping. While this had been a
standard feature for most of XFX’s higher end cards, it is still a rather
important feature. It is especially important for those whom might swap out the original
cooler and replace it
for something heavier. This anti-warp bar would prevent the card from warping
due to weight over a period of time.

Right at the center of the anti warp bar, there is a cool XFX
emblem. This emblem would actually light up when powered up due to 3 yellow LED at
the back of the emblem.

A look at the rear I/O connectors for this XFX card. The
connector plate itself is black in color while the 2 DVI connectors are
actually lime green. It certainly looks cool this way.

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