XFX has always stood out from the rest visually
by their uniquely shaped boxes.
Today we take a look at how it stands out in terms of performance!

We received the XFX 6800 Ultra for the IT
Show 2005
in Singapore to be used in an Ultimate Gaming System display.
Together with a 5 Ghz running Pentium 4 660, it drew a huge
crowd looking at the extreme-cooled and extremely fast demo system:

Cooled at -46C, the XFX 6800 Ultra
was clocked at a blazingly fast speed of 560Mhz Core, 1300Mhz
Memory running 3D Mark and Game Demos for 12 hours straight through the 4-day
event. We put up a challenge for on-lookers to make the card slow down with
any games they could throw at it. Nobody succeeded.

So anyway, here’s a look at the goods:

As usual the “X” box stands out:


The CDs in the box: Commandoes 3, X the Threat and Nascar.


And the stock full copper heatsink and ram sink assembly that
does a really good job at cooling the card: