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Xebec Tech HTPC Bluetooth and Onyx Bluetooth keyboards review

The HTPC Bluetooth keyboard comes supplied inside a small, lightweight cardboard box. The artistic theme is simplistic, based on a picture of the product itself set on an all-white background.

The top of the box may be opened, partially revealing the keyboard through a plastic window. The keyboard is well secured inside a plastic protective shell.

Regarding the bundle, the purchaser of the HTPC Bluetooth keyboard will only find a pair of batteries and a leaflet with the installation instructions. Some could argue that an USB Bluetooth adapter would be a nice addition, but Xebec Tech is keeping the cost down considering that most devices already have a Bluetooth radio installed today.

Xebec Tech's HTPC Bluetooth keyboard is hardly larger and not heavier than a console game controller. Despite its size, the company managed to fit 73 keys, 10 media keys, a touchpad and even a track pad on the surface of this device. Of course the keys are pretty small, making the HTPC Bluetooth keyboard useful only for thumb typing. The HTPC Bluetooth essentially is a full QWERTY keyboard but, in order to save space, Xebec Tech had to remove some keys; as such, there is only one CTRL key on the left side of the keyboard and one ALT key on the right side of the keyboard.

While the touchpad of the HTPC BT keyboard is relatively small, it should be sufficient for media center use. The touchpad also supports gestures and two finger scrolling, features which will feel familiar to casual notebook users, and is surrounded by 6 media keys. On the left side of the touchpad there is the Fn key, a Windows media center quick start key and a desktop switch key for quick movements between windows. The three buttons to the right side of the touchpad are for volume control.

To the left side of the touchpad we can see the 8-way track pad, which resembles the track pads installed on gaming controllers and functions as one if the HTPC Bluetooth keyboard is paired to a game console. If connected to a PC, the track pad offers page navigation.

To the right side of the touchpad there are four multimedia buttons forming a cross with the most basic media player commands (play/pause, back, forward and stop). After pressing and holding the Fn button, the same four buttons are being used for internet-related commands (browser, mail, back and forward).

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