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Xbox One may cost around $400-500 & be cheaper with Xbox LIVE subscription

Microsoft has yet to reveal how much their next-gen Xbox One console will cost, but speculation has pinned the system for a price range of around $400-500, with the possibility of a cheaper option bundled with an Xbox LIVE subscription.

Microsoft's Xbox One reveal unloaded important new features of their upcoming console, yet the gaming giant forgot to address one key question that was on everyone's mind: how much will it cost?

With their next-gen contender, Microsoft has invested in hardware that's not cheap: 500GB HDD's, a customized APU with and eight core CPU and 8GB of RAM, a Blu-Ray/DVD combo drive, and of course the advanced Kinect sensor that powers many of the system's array of multiple functions and capabilities.

At this point Microsoft has yet to announce any kind of pricing regarding the Xbox One, and even during an interview with Business Insider, Microsoft's Todd Holmdahl wouldn't talk about the console's price on launch day.

Regardless of Microsoft's silence in the matter, speculation based on informed guesswork has determined that the Xbox One's price tag will be between $400-500, with the possibility of a reduction in price when purchased alongside an Xbox LIVE subscription. 

The pricing for the Xbox LIVE subscription hasn't been revealed yet either–Holmdahl also declined to comment on this topic as well–but 12-month Xbox LIVE subscription cards can be purchased on the retail market for $49.99.

Sources such as Paul Thurrot have claimed that the Xbox One will launch in November for $500, with the option to pay $300 for the console when purchased alongside an Xbox LIVE sub.

Analysts such as Piers Harding-Rolls of IHS agree with Thurrot's claim, suggesting that the console may be around $400 and adds further speculation to the possibility of a subsidized version bundled with an Xbox LIVE sub.

It will be interesting to see how (and if) Sony uses these claims to their advantage, yet the PS4 will most likely be in the same price range due to the similarities in hardware.

Hopefully Microsoft will reveal more information on pricing in the next few weeks during E3, but it may be likely that the company will wait until closer to the console's launch to unveil retail costs of the Xbox One, which is slated for a release "sometime later this year".

Via Business Insider

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