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Xbox One will come bundled with official headset

Microsoft will be bundling its official Xbox One headset with the console itself at launch—a generous gesture which is probably aiming to regain some followings after a poor showing at E3.

[Update] The source is claiming that the news about the bundled headset is actually an error on, and there will be no ‘freebies’.

The official headset isn’t anything spectacular as it’s just your standard wired and mono headgear.  Considering Microsoft needs to attract the same crowd as Sony with the PS4, it’ll probably do better if it throws in a little ‘extra’ to justify the $499 tag.

Retailers carrying the Xbox One only just got the notifications, meaning the official bundle details haven’t been updated.  Rest assured, though, that if you’re buying the standard Xbox One package, you’ll be getting the headset along with Kinect.

Microsoft has been doing quite a bit of shuffling prior to the launch of its next-gen console, with one of the most notable recent change being the 180-degree turn on its DRM policy and abolishing its daily license check.

It remains to be seen, however, if Microsoft can actually catch up to Sony in terms of ‘bang for your bucks.’  Sony will charge $399 for its PS4, and that alone is possibly enough to woo the masses away from the Xbox One—even if Kinect and a headset is bundled.

Source: eurogamer


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