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Xbox 360 Review: The Darkness II

Jackie’s not a WWE superstar but he still has a fancy name for every way he rips you to shreds.

Despite the seemingly overpowered abilities at your disposal, Jackie does possess an Achilles heel. The Darkness cannot manifest itself in the presence of light, leaving Jackie a mere mortal with guns. A significant aspect of combat involves shooting out lamps and disabling generators to plunge the environment into darkness. As the game progresses, enemies become aware of this weakness and will exploit it to their advantage. This is where your darkling will come in handy. The little wisecracking imp that appears as a manifestation of the powers of The Darkness will aid you in battle, gutting enemies, leading you through obstacles and most importantly, helping you to get rid of light sources that would otherwise impede your progress. You will get to play from the perspective of your darkling, and you will experience a different kind of thrill from covert executions of enemies from the shadows.

More hearts, more skills.

Existing abilities can be upgraded and new abilities can be learnt as the game progresses. With each kill, you gain Dark Essence points (the more imaginative and horrific the kill, the more points gained). These can be traded at talent shrines for better abilities and to imbue Jackie with new skills to torment enemies with. Melee attacks can be upgraded to chain into combos, objects thrown can be granted a supernatural explosive effect and The Darkness can equip your armaments with unholy ammunition that grants additional damage.

Apart from the single player story mode, there are also Vendetta campaigns that you can play in. You get to play as four hitmen under Jackie’s employ, each with unique Darkness abilities and specific missions, giving the game more depth and play time. Mission combat is similar to the main campaign but Vendettas offer some additional storyline content and should definitely be attempted.

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