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Xbox 360 Game Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Imagine one day if you wake up and you find them staring at you. How freaky is that?

Hold your brakes if you are intending to dive straight into the action. The Last Hope features cut scenes throughout the whole game and some of which can last up to a whopping 30 minutes. With its dreadful dialogues and horrible lip-synching, you should be better off skipping the whole cut scene and just read through the wordy synopsis.

The combat system, on the other hand, is what makes this RPG so addictive. Most RPGs have really intrigued storylines, which make gameplay last really long. As for The Last Hope, it’s the unique combat system that will leave you hooked on for hours, trying to figure out the best tactic and strategy against your enemies.

Nothing like a blindside attack!

When you’re engaged in battles, the other four members in your squad is controlled by the AI. But you can swap your characters around at anytime during the battle. All these happen in real-time and with the precise techniques deployed, you’ll find it easy to defeat the bosses in the game. To spice things up in the game, each member features a different set of skills, and so do the bosses in the game. Just like in World of Warcraft, different bosses will require a different set of strategy to easily defeat them. You can just button-smash your way through if your team is strong enough. But by figuring out the specific strategy, you can greatly reduce battle time.

If you do well in combat, or perform specific tasks in battle, you’ll be able to add a tile to a bonus board, which can carry up to 14 bonuses into battle. These tiles can be carried over from combat to combat and it could greatly aid in making your life just a little tad easier in the game. However, it’s possible to lose your bonus tiles, but if you exercise good judgment in combat, you should be able to hang onto them for quite a while.

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