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XBone is equal to 10 Xbox 360s, claims Microsoft


Microsoft have definitely tried to focus on the positives amidst the trainwreck that was E3. Microsoft talked in a closed-door meeting called “Xbox 101”, attended by GamesIndustry International, where the company discussed the computational power of the Xbox One. Jeff Henshaw explained the next-gen console has “the computational power of more than 10 Xbox 360 consoles,” and that “the cloud brings infinite additional processing power.”

Strong words from Mr. Henshaw who was proud of the console, even in an offline state, but Henshaw was determined to talk of the real advantages of the Xbox One. Henshaw states that the real power comes from Microsoft’s own cloud services, “Microsoft has hundreds of thousands of servers and dozens of data centers geographically distributed all around the planet.” Henshaw discussed the ability of the Xbox One tap in to “limitless computational horsepower” as Microsoft’s console would be able to do instant computational calculations ” without even breaking a sweat”  enabled by “virtualized cloud computing resources.”


Henshaw was also excited about the console’s future in games, stating that game developers can create worlds that can be “lusher and more vibrant than ever before because the cloud persists.” The possibilities could be endless as he explains, “those worlds can live on in between game sessions. If one player drops out, that world will continue on and can experience the effects of time, like wear from weather damage, so that when a player comes back into the universe it’s actually a slightly evolved place in the same way that our real world evolves a little bit from the time we go to sleep to the time we wake up. Game developers have given us incredibly positive feedback on the crazy different ways that they can use this incredible new cloud power resource.”

While some of it is still, strictly theoretical, Henshaw and his team are incredibly positive about the console and it’s many uses. He even noted that while all this power was being used, the Xbox One remains incredibly silent – a strong sell for gamers who have suffered with loud consoles during this generation.

via GamesIndustry International

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