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X1 vs X2: Who’s Badder?

Performance Memory Profiles
– Support added for Enhanced Performance Profile (EPP) enabled memory

EPP Memory Modules Support first seen on NVIDIA nForce Motherboards
is now supported on the BX2. The Motherboard thus auto-configure optimal Memory
settings when EPP Memory is plugged in to maximize performance. Experienced
Users may see not much need for this feature since they optimise their settings
manually but it is a benefit for the less experienced users.

– CPU socket moved slightly south to provide better vreg
margin for adjustments
– 50% more copper for power and ground lines
– The blue heatsinks provide unmatched heat dissipation and stability

Supposedly better power management and I’m noting particularly
the 50% more copper used for power and ground lines, which should provide better
current carrying property.

There are some layout changes compared to BX1 and we compared
some pictures of both:

Above you can see the onboard power button of the BX2 to provide
convenient powering on of the system when the user is testing in a caseless
scenario. This is located quite near to the graphics card area:

It is quite accessible but I would have prefered it to be placed
lower as a dual video graphic card setup would make it harder to reach.

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