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X-Micro EVA 256MB MP3 Player

Operation is pretty idiot-proof; the player is very simple to operate, with
only 5 buttons on the player itself, with the following functionalities

  • A Play/Pause button that functions as a Power On and off button
  • An A-B Section Repeat Function that allows user to designate a
    definitive portion of tracks within the player to be repeated
    constantly, thus leaving out tracks accordingly
  • Volume Up and Down Buttons with a display to show volume level
  • A mode switch button that allow users to toggle between the
    Recording and Setting functions. It double acts as a rewind,
    fast-forward, previous track and next rack function joystick as well.

The Voice recording Function is is available via the Mic located at one end of the player

The player in operation with the 3 line Dot Matrix LCD display and battery indicator

The player doesn’t come with a play-list function; songs are sorted accordingly in alphabetical order to File Name. It would have been very much preferred if X-micro has included a playlist function with the player. The ID3 tag only display the song title of track, the artiste name is not displayed.

The player offers an equalizer option with 5 presets available, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical and Normal. also, like any other player, the EVA comes with a hold function as well to prevent accidental presses of buttons while it’s in your pocket or bag.

The Mini Radio on the Stereo Earphone

Installation of the CR2032 battery

The Radio function is built into the stereo ear-phones provided along with the MP3 player. It is seperately powered by a single CR2032 battery and can function as a radio without the player. Honestly I’d preferred the radio function to be built into the player instead, as earphones are more prone to damage and thus you might lose the radio functionality shoud the earphones get damaged.

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