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Would You Like To Own An iPhone tablet PC?

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt claimed that the iPad was nothing more than an oversized iPhone, it was only a matter of time before some enterprising OEM in China comes out with a slate PC that resembles the iPhone 4. And today, it seems that such a device has finally come into existence with the introduction of the Dropad D10, which sports more than just a few passing similarities with Apple’s iconic smartphone.

Do you remember Google CEO Eric Schimdt’s famous snub about the iPad when Steve Jobs officially announced its launch in his Keynote address? According to various reports, Schimdt allegedly claimed that there was essentially no difference between an iPad and an oversized iPhone, ostensibly due to the similarities both devices shared in their design.

However, it seems that Schimdt’s words has had a much greater effect on the world that he originally thought they would have. Apparently, a Chinese OEM in Shenzen has taken the Google CEO’s words to heart with a new slate PC which, rather unsurprisingly, looks almost identical to the iconic iPhone 4 currently being sold in the market, only much larger. And lest you thought that we were making these claims up, here is a picture of the iPad/iPhone 4 clone in all its glory:

And now that we have got your attention, do proceed onto the next page, where we will go into some detail about the aforementioned Dropad D10’s hardware specifications.

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