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World of Warcraft film to start shooting next year


The world of Azeroth (aka the biggest time suck of the decade) is coming to the big screens.

According to GameSpot, film producer, Charles Roven has confirmed that Warcraft will start shooting in 2014. Roven who has been known for films such as the Dark Knight trilogy, 12 Monkeys and the upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel. He is already synonymous with great adaptations of comic books and books alike and while his producing credits are enough to secure a hit,  whether or not it will be a good film may come down to it’s screenwriter, Charles Leavitt, most famous for the Leonardo DiCaprio thriller, Blood Diamond.

Sure, the screenwriting credits may not be the strongest, but the overall story will be crafted by Chris Metzen; a man who has created Blizzard’s stories since 1995. Roven has said that they will be shooting in the “first quarter of 2014” and has already secured Moon director, Duncan Jones, to helm the project. Roven is glad they’re “moving forward” with the project and his film company, Legendary, are “having a great time” with the director already. Roven already has another video game movie lined up for 2015 with an adaptation of the Naughty Dog series, Uncharted.

The film adaptation has had it’s ups and downs but one of my favourite facts about the developing film was notorious director, Uwe Boll (known for disasters like House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark) was denied the rights to the film. Boll stated in an interview with MTV that game producer Paul Sims told him directly, “we will not sell the movie rights, not to you…especially not to you. Because it’s such a big online game success, maybe a bad movie would destroy that ongoing income, what the company has with it”. While  I doubt even a film from Boll could destroy the amaranthine power of Blizzard, it could definitely damage the relations between developers and fans.

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