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World Cyber Games Grand Finals – Let VR-Zone’s presence be felt!

The World Cybergames kicks off in Singapore today amid much fanfare and anticipation. As previously reported, VR-Zone partners up with Asus and Kingston to showcase the future in gaming rigs. Expect to see overclocked systems, together with top-of-the-line graphics cards pushed to their limits via different techniques such as Phase change, Watercooling, and Extreme Air cooling.

Catch us this weekend at WCG Finals: Suntec City Convention Center, Level 6. *Click here for more pictures
of our setups!

Being one of the world’s largest computer and video game festival, World
Cyber Games: Grand Finals 2005 had just kicked off today, in Singapore! VR-Zone
has it’s presences at this prominent gaming event of the year, with of course,
our trademark overclocked ultimate gaming systems on display. With rigs over at
both Kingston and ASUS, come join us as we unleashed computing power into games.
Expect highly overclocked systems, together with top of the line graphics cards
on display, cooled by extremely by means of Phase change, Watercooling, and
higher end Air cooling. So from tomorrow onwards all the way till Sunday (17th
Nov ~ 20th Nov, 2005), catch us at WCG Grand Finals, Suntec City Convention
Center, Level 6!


Our ultimate gaming rig on display at ASUS’s booth. Powered by
ASUS’s A8N32-SLi Premium and 2 pieces of ASUS’s Geforce 7800 GTX in SLi mode!
Cooled by our trademark dual Phase Change system (1 for CPU and 1 for GPU), do
not hesitate to try out the latest games we have installed, and feel the power
of it!


The other system we have on display, also at ASUS’s booth.
This system is a “tamer” gaming system, also powered by the ASUS A8N32-SLi
Premium. However, the graphics card installed on this system is the monster ASUS
EN7800GT-DUAL. Featuring 2 cores on a single PCB board, this graphics card is
easily one of the fastest single PCB gaming graphics card!


We have another eye catching system on display over at
Kingston’s booth. Featuring a smaller phase change unit, and UV reactive
watercooling setup, this system could sure pack a punch when it comes to gaming
performance, without sacrificing on external looks. With lighting fast Gigabyte
i-RAM featuring Kingston Memory modules, expect game loading times to be cut
short by leaps and bounces!

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