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World Cyber Games 2005 Grand Final Coverage


We have another eye catching system on display over at
Kingston’s booth. Featuring a smaller phase change unit and UV reactive
watercooling setup, this system could sure pack a punch when it comes to gaming
performance. Running off 3GB of Kingston HyperX DDR2 goodness
and Gigabyte I-Ram with 4GB of Kingston DDR
Memory serving as a hard drive for amazing game loading times.

Game for FREE on it, then answer 3 short and simple questions and you can
stand a chance to win a NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX card, Kingston DDR2 533 1GB Kit
and flash memory cards.

The winners for the lucky draw

The game they played is Need For Speed Most Wanted on our
ultimate gaming rig with maximum details on!

The crowd is certainly immersed into the game with the great
graphics, gameplay and heart throbbing sound.


Over at Coolermaster booth, we have our latest case mod
showcased, done by expert case modder known as FusionTiger in our forums. This
Merlion Mod is built from scratch and is full water-cooled setup mini PC that is
as small as the Shuttle XPC or the AOpen XC Cube. Merlion is a symbol of our
country Singapore and as defined in
Wikipedia, it
is a mythological creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. The
merlion is a national emblem and also national personification of Singapore.
Clearly, this Merlion case mod is no doubt the most meaningful and most unique
case mod ever built till date in Singapore.

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