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Women found to prefer iPhone 5C over iPhone 5S

Apple’s “unapologetically plastic” and color iPhone might have struck a chord with the fair sex.


Prior to its release, it was rumored that the iPhone 5C would be a cheaper smartphone that would propel Apple in the mid-range market. However that didn’t entirely turn out to be the cast. iPhone 5C isn’t as cheap as originally imagined, but it does come in a variety of different colors that leave customers spoilt for choice. It goes without saying that the iPhone 5S has been outselling the iPhone 5C by a significant margin, but the latter appears to be more popular among women as opposed to the former.

Analyst Benedict Evans went through Facebook’s ad platform numbers to quantify sales of iPhone 5C, since no official figures have been released. He made the not so shocking discovery that particularly in the U.S., iPhone 5S has sold twice as many units as its sibling. However in the U.S., iPhone 5C appears to have gained ground, selling over two million units in the last three months alone. Evans also discovered that twice as many women have opted for the iPhone 5C, whereas twice as many men have gone for the iPhone 5S as opposed to the women.

Evans himself doesn’t draw any conclusions from this data, but evidently there’s something about the iPhone 5C that’s attractive to women. Could it be that women appreciate the color choices more, or that men can’t have enough of the biggest and baddest processors?

Source: Bendict Evans

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