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Woman accuses man of letting his mutt ‘rape’ her purebred

A dog owner in China has filed a police report which accuses another person’s dog of raping her prized purebred.

The purebred’s owner is demanding that the owner of the mutt that raped her dog fork over 100,000 yuan ($16,000). Both the dogs’ owners live in the same building, and the owner (Lin) of the rapist dog says that he isn’t responsible for any physical or mental trauma inflicted on the purebred because neither owners knew what was going on, nor did they knew which dog initiated the mating ritual first.

dog humping
A reenactment of what may have happened at the scene of the crime.

Lin, however, agreed to let the other dog owner take his dog in to be neutered. The woman said that her purebred was in the process of being studied by breeders, and they required that the dog don’t mate. She has also sent in a bag of her dog’s fluid to be analyzed, but police are saying that they won’t hold Lin accountable based on ‘impossible’ proof of rape, and the lack of ‘common sense’ on the lady’s part.

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