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Changing Classes
Changing classes is very easy in FF14: ARR–simply change your main-hand weapon and voila! It’s also worth nothing that players can assign gearsets for each class, affording for easy switching on-the-fly.

To make a viable build in FFXIV: ARR players don’t have to scour through walkthroughs or examine a theorycrafted builds as gamers can switch their class simply by equipping a new weapon.

For example, to become a Lancer, players just have to equip a lance, and the same is with wands and bows. There are requirements, however, including the completion of certain main quests that unlock a second skill profession.

Being able to switch between professions on-the-fly is one of the most unique and dynamic features of the game, and certainly affords a plethora of replayable action–as players don’t have to continually re-make new characters in order to experience a certain class.

The Mothercrystal
The all-powerful Mothercrystal spreads the Blessed Light of the Crystal upon the world of Hydaelyn, and calls to a lone adventurer to save the world from certain doom.

The Crystal Calls

One of the reasons that Eorzea is such a magnificent world is partly due to the deep, fantastic lore that mirrors that of Tolkien’s masterfully spun fantasy universe.

The story capitalizes on the familiar lore set into place by previous Fianl Fantasy titles, mirroring that hint of scintillating light while incorporating a slew of unique features as well. Within the story, players are thrust into a global catastrophe as a lone adventurer, and embark upon the archetypal “Hero’s Journey” to eventually face evil–a path that unfolds in a dynamic webwork of questlines.

The game follows the events that took place after the original, wherein the legendary end-of-days myth is enacted by Bahamut–a mythical dragon–as he breaks free from the prison of the moon of Dalamud, thus bringing a new age of destruction on the world.

Bahamut, free of his prison of the moon Dalamud, is free to wreak havoc on the world and to put an end to an entire era.

After Bahamut breaks free, the Calamity spreads across Eorzea, wreaking havoc across every nation including the principle starting point of Gridania.

As players continue on their epic journey, they are selected by the legendary Mothercrystal–an all-encompassing deity that bestowed all life upon Eorzea–to save the realm and the encompassing planet (known as Hydaelyn) from the a variety of evils that threaten the land.

These evils include the Calamity, which has spread across the realm and unbalanced nature, twisting it and perverting it as rampant beastmen and primals ravage the once-peaceful nation. Along with the offset of nature, the menacing imperialistic grasp of the Garlean Empire–a tyrannical regime who’s magitek-powered war machines have forced most of the world into sovereign rule.

The Black Wolf

The sinister Emperor and his chief generals (The White Raven, The Black Wolf, etc.), have taken advantage of the Calamity by launching a conquest of the remaining lands, launching a fusillade of their most terrifying machina to lay waste to the opposition and claim the entire world as their own. The fate of the world rests upon the shoulders of one lone adventurer, and as the Calamity continues to spread, Eorzea teeters on the brink of total destruction…

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