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Out to get the most eye candy in the latest games regardless of the cost? Or looking to squeeze every last drop of value out of a limited budget? VR-Zone’s guide will help you to maximize your enjoyment regardless of how much you are prepared to fork out…

The holiday festive period is a good bad excuse to spend more money – if you are spending on friends and family, why not treat yourself as well. There is a dearth of new games available during this time but you don’t want to be playing them on a system that won’t give you maximum enjoyment – low frag count or replaying a level over and over again because of choppy graphics and laggy game play will ruin anybodies day. So, don’t get left out and stuck with simple surfing or playing Solitaire. Duke it out with your friends with the latest..


In this guide we will help identify the best buys to fit three different budgets- Budget (Low-end), Mid-range and High-end extravagant. We help to identify the components so you can get the best bang for your buck. Take note that these setups are geared solely towards gamers – Users interested in video editing, 3D rendering or simply non-gamers should look elsewhere for setups better suited to them. We may just write another guide for those environments.

We excluded keyboards, mice and monitors in the setups here because we felt that this is a very personal preference – some users may demand only the latest and most expensive gaming keybaords, while others swear by their five year old rodent. Similarly, some may feel more comfortable with larger monitors while others don’t mind paying less for a smaller one. Of course, the more expensive setups with better performance would go work better with larger monitors because the larger monitor commands higher native resolutions that requires more oompf.

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