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Windows Store to allow PEGI 18 games

In a blog post today on the Windows Store For Developers, Microsoft let us know that we need not worry; we'll be able to buy "mature" games through the store so you won't have to worry about being unable to get your Grand Theft Auto IV fix.

Shortly after Windows 8, and its companion Windows Store, were released Gabe Newell from Valve made link bait headlines when he declared that the Windows Store, and Windows 8, would be nothing but a big fail for game developers. This was followed shortly afterwards with other notable game developers decrying the fact that consumers wouldn't be able to buy their "mature" games – the ones requiring a PEGI 18 classification – in the store; which of course meant that Windows 8 would be a failure.

It is true that Windows 8 first launched the Windows Store submission rules did make it seems that mature games like The Witcher or Grand Theft Auto would never see the light of day in the new app store. However, if anyone seriously thought that this would remain the law of  app land, they had their heads struck in the clouds because there is no way that Microsoft would let this lucrative segment of the gaming world not be a part of the Windows Store.

So it was no real surprise to anyone, or at least it shouldn't have been, that Microsoft announced via their Windows Store For Developers blog that effective immediately the Windows Store would begin accepting games with a rating of PEGI 18.

The blog post writes that people have come to expect a rich gaming experience on Windows and that this includes games with a PEGI 18 rating. However, with the integration with Microsoft Family Safety parents will be able to control which kind of apps their children are able to install even though there might be content for mature audiences.

Two of the games that they announced coming to the store are The Witcher by CD Projekt and Grand Theft Auto IV from Take Two, with more games of similar rating coming soon.

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