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Windows Store crosses 80,000 apps for Windows 8, games still dominate Top 10 paid list

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Some good news for Microsoft, Windows Store has crossed the 80,000 apps threshold and is projected to cross 100,000 before the end of July. Interestingly, the Top 10 paid apps are all games.

Windows Store has crossed 80,000 apps for Windows 8, increasing at a rapid pace (considering it was 70,000 just a few weeks ago). At this rate, the app store is projected to hit 100,000 apps in just under two months, a feat which took the iPad a whole year (May 2010-11) to achieve. But don’t be fooled by the numbers, it is all for naught if the apps aren’t high quality or if they don’t increase your productivity/provide entertainment/service of some sort. We’ve seen plenty of such apps on Google Play Store, and we really urge companies to remove such apps (such as 3D Touching Girls, or Undress Girls, how do these apps pass the screening?) rather than allow them to dominate the “Top Free Apps” charts. Thankfully the issue isn’t that prominent with Windows Store (yet).

Top Paid games Windows Store

Another report reveals that the Top 10 paid apps for Windows 8 comprises mostly of games. Tells us that people would rather spend money on games than the apps available on Windows Store (Microsoft, are you reading this?). Here’s the Top 10 list as compiled by our friends over at Neowin:

1. Temple Run: Brave ($4.99)
2. Angry Birds Star Wars ($4.99)
3. 4 Elements II Special Edition ($2.99)
4. Game Dev Tycoon ($7.99)
5. Fruit Ninja ($1.99)
6. Plex ($2.99)
7. Bejeweled Live ($4.99)
8. The Harvest  ($6.99)
9. Windows 8 Video Player Pro HD ($2.49)
10. Angry Birds Space ($4.99)

Microsoft is working on a couple of new apps which will be launched as part of the free Windows 8.1 Blue upgrade. These include new health, food, calculator and alarm apps (hardly world changing, but thanks for the effort anyway).

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