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Windows Phone version 8.1 has been spotted in the wild


Windows Phone version 8.1 is apparently being tested by at least one person. Could this testing mean that the update is coming sooner rather than later? 

Not to be confused with the much-rumored Windows 8.1 “Blue” that is coming for Windows 8 devices, Windows Phone 8.1 is the next update for their mobile OS which will most likely offer its own
set of improvements to please the small but loyal Windows Phone fan base.

Analytical data posted by Windows Phone developer Tom Myles from one of his apps shows that one of his apps users was indeed sporting version 8.1 of the operating system. Other than that, there continues to be little information regarding the next update of the OS.


One criticism lobbed at Microsoft has been the somewhat glacial pace they’ve been going in bringing necessary features to their Windows Phone operating system that would bring them closer to their competition. With their BUILD event taking place at the end of June, perhaps they’ll finally lift the curtains on the future of Windows Phone before likely launching it later in the year.

The BUILD event is looking to be a packed one for Microsoft with rumors of a new hardware line-up, a big Windows 8 update, and now a possible unveiling of Windows Phone 8.1. It seems like everything is coming together so all that is left is for Microsoft to execute.

Source: Reddit (image from Tom Myles) Via: Neowin



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