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Windows 8 exploits found before official release

Windows is the most widely used desktop OS so it's not strange hackers are constantly trying to figure out the systems' exploits, and Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 can't escape this reality either.

Windows 8 is set to launch in about three months from today, and someone has already found three exploits.  Sung-Ting Tsai of Trend Micro says that the three exploits are found in the kernel level advanced local procedure call, the component object model (COM) application programming interface, and the Windows Runtime API. 

Tsai developed various methods for testing the exploits, and although he wasn’t able to fully attack the vulnerabilities, he mentioned that if a person put out enough time and effort into it they could find ways to compromise the system. 

A few months ago,Tsai also discovered a memory corruption vulnerability in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  He then reported the problem to Microsoft and soon after the vulnerability was patched.

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