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Windows 8.1 to bring back Start button and boot to desktop option

Windows 8.1 (or Windows “Blue”) may bring back the Start button and perhaps even allow desktop users to skip straight to the desktop instead of having to go through the Metro menu first.

(Ahh… The good ol' days.)

Many early adopters, especially those without a touch display have griped about Windows 8’s modern UI.  Although the interface works well in a touch environment, desktop functionalities without a touch interface is confusing.  In short, Microsoft’s brute force tactic isn’t well received, and many Windows users want their Start button back.

Microsoft claims that the Windows 8 UI is “easy to learn”, especially on a touchscreen.  The problem, however, is that not everyone has adopted touch technology as many still rely on a keyboard and mouse to carry out commands on a computer. 

While it’s true that media consumption is shifting towards mobile devices with touch displays, businesses, along with many other segments of PC usage (gaming for instance), still rely heavily on the traditional approach to using a computer.

Nothing is official of course, as the source of the rumor has specifically noted that “until it ships, anything can change.”  So cross your fingers if you want the next Windows update to bring back some of the things that “worked.”


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